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July 28, 2008

Filed under: Searching, Technology — Joel Rumerman @ 7:26 am

It’s rare that anything receives above the fold respect from both and NPR on the same day so when a new search engine, (pronounced Cool) achieved such recognition, I had high hopes for the new search engine.

Here are my initial impressions.

  1. The first time site load was slow even though it’s mainly a single search box. It acted like most other sites do when they get hammered by a lot of web traffic due to a major press day. BUT, it did come up, which is better than a lot of other sites. Subsequent hits were quick as they seemed to cache everything on my browser correctly.
  2. My HCI professor wouldn’t be happy with the black background, but I didn’t mind it so much. It’s a bit different and a bit edgier than they should have gone if they’re trying to attract the main stream search market, but as a tech geek, I’m okay with it.
  3. The search results are laid out in a nice way, but again, took too long to come back. We’re used to Google‘s sub-second search results and frankly, if you want to be a Google killer, you’d better perform as good as they do
  4. The search results are not good. As you know if you my previous post, I recently wrote a book titled “Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls.” I entered that into the search box and my results were … wait for it … hold … hold … nothing. That’s embarrassing. The book is being sold in multiple countries, by multiple online and brick and mortar websites. Google’s results contain these listings. If you’re going to crawl 120 billion web pages and claim that you’re crawling more information than Google, you need to do a much better job.

Conclusion: I’ll check back in a week and see how it works then, but they just lost the initial round.


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