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September 9, 2008 Control Contest

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Dave Ward of has setup a control writing contest where you can win one of three free copies of Adam and my book Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls for .NET Framework 3.5. (Next time, I’m definitely coming up with a shorter title!) Adam and I are going to be judging along with Dave and there are many ways to win so hop over to his site, read the post, and write some code (or documentation)!

Good luck and thanks for putting it together Dave!


September 4, 2008

Adding Google Chrome to ASP.NET AJAX

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12/15/2008 – Two things to update:

First, sources at Microsoft confirmed this bug for me and said that a fix was already completed for v-next. I’m not sure when the next release will take place; if it will be with VS 2010 or sometime earlier, but they have it fixed.

Second, Jason Kealey has a fix that is less intrusive than the one I suggested here. You can find it here

Since the rest of the tech-world is talking about and trying Google Chrome, I thought that I’d give it a whirl and see how it interacted with ASP.NET AJAX. I’ve worked on a couple of ASP.NET AJAX applications for work (including a public website: and have a bunch of small test application that I’ve written for other purposes and was curious to see how those held up when accessed with Chrome. For the most part, with the smaller applications the browser worked as expected. I had almost no layout issues (as we program for IE6, IE7, FF2, and FF3) and almost no JS problems. But, when I ran ShowCase, which uses UpdatePanels to load large swathes of a page and in doing so loads external scripts dynamically, the application broke when accessing the mapping portion of the application. Since I was responsible for this part of the application, I needed to investigate further.


Book Review:

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Dave Ward, of the site, has put together a great, well-written review of our book, Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls.

Check out the review here: and while you’re there check out some of Dave’s extremely useful blog entries on ASP.NET, JavaScript, and other topics.

Thx again Dave for the nice review.

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